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SR20, from Centralia to Yakima w/Orbx TE WA SD

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vFlyteAir's SR20 made the hop from Centralia to Yakima an absolute joy. I passed between Mount Ranier to my north, Mount Saint Helens to my southwest, and Mount Adams to my southeast. Once I overflew Rimrock Lake, the metropolis of Yakima exploded beneath me. After an extended downwind to bleed off some altitude, I put down nice and easy on Runway 22.1197492937_SR20-30.thumb.png.8ce93d681e35a7665b292dad0b9f7dde.png

SR20 - 31.png

SR20 - 32.png

SR20 - 33.png

SR20 - 34.png

SR20 - 35.png

SR20 - 36.png

SR20 - 37.png

SR20 - 38.png

SR20 - 39.png

SR20 - 40.png

SR20 - 41.png

SR20 - 42.png

SR20 - 43.png

SR20 - 44.png

SR20 - 01.png

SR20 - 02.png

SR20 - 03.png

SR20 - 04.png

SR20 - 05.png

SR20 - 06.png

SR20 - 07.png

SR20 - 08.png

SR20 - 09.png

SR20 - 10.png

SR20 - 11.png

SR20 - 12.png

SR20 - 13.png

SR20 - 14.png

SR20 - 15.png

SR20 - 16.png

SR20 - 18.png

SR20 - 19.png

SR20 - 20.png

SR20 - 21.png

SR20 - 22.png

SR20 - 23.png

SR20 - 24.png

SR20 - 25.png

SR20 - 26.png

SR20 - 27.png

SR20 - 28.png

SR20 - 29.png

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