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I think it is time, to thank the whole IXEG Team! :D

This product is now out since 2016. It was a long way from the first pictures on their website in 2010 (I think) until release in 2016.
It´s still a long way to go. Some are waiting for a -400, a -500 or a cargo version. Some are waiting for a fully analog cockpit, and some are waiting for airstairs.

I want to emphasize some things which make this team great!

  1. They are in direct contact with us all the time through this forum.
  2. They help us out, no matter what the problem is or what time it is. An answer can be expected within 24 hrs most of the time.
  3. They spent a part of their spare time to work on updates,  probably spending tons of money on coffee, to make a great product even greater.
  4. They are very open to all kinds of feature suggestions, no matter how complicated or nitpicky they are.   :ph34r:*caughing*:ph34r:
  5. They are honest about the few flaws the product has (for exaple the dreaded VNAV code :wacko:)

I think I speak in the name of a few more people i f I say:

  • Thank you for your all efforts and probably a few sleepless nights!
  • Thank you for all your support!
  • Thank you for all the time spent to make the IXEG 737-300 what it is and what it will become!
  • Thank you for dealing with all the difficulties of the everchanging X-Plane system! (flight models, Vulcan, ect.)
  • Thank you for [ please insert whatever you want to thank them for ]


If I missed something (I´m sure I did) please forgive me. :D




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