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FS Global Real Weather not ready for X-Plane

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Hi everyone!

I just downloaded the all new FS Global Real Weather add-on. It is promoted that it is now possible to also use it for P3D. This would imply that it is fully supported and written for X-Plane (which is wat I use). Unfortunately this is totally not the case. Starting with the fact that FSGRW cannot load X-Plane flight plans, but only FSX/P3D plans! 

During the installation everything points out to be an P3D add-on. Infact at some point I wondered if I had purchased the wrong version of it (there is only one version to be sure).

It therefore explains why this program is standalone and not fully integrated in X-Plane. Meaning that you have to setup everything manual and outside, but running with X-Plane in the background. It could be a grate enhancement for X-Plane, but it still has to do lots of work to greatly improve thr X-Plane experience.

If you look at the real weather connector and SkymaxPro and its integration into X-Plane, FSGRW is not user friendly at all. Don’t get me wrong on the add-on, I think it is an addition to X-Plane, just not really user friendly.

If u use add-ons like an extra GPS or extra communication software and software for extra traffic, you know you spent some time to prepare your flight. Which makes sens and is understandable to prepare. You just don’t want to spent more time for something simple as a weather add-on, which easily gets all information from your flight plan and the internet (actual weather conditions of the area where you fly in) automatically. 

FS Global Real Weather is just not cabable of doing that automaticly. In my opinion this would not only make things easier but also would greatly enhance the usability of the add-on

Please let me know what you guys think about it and what your experiences are.




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@cforker Hello Chris, I have read your posting with interest, as I've been on the fence about purchasing FS Global Real Weather, however I haven't pressed the Buy key just yet. A little while ago I watched the embedded video from Q8 Pilot on YouTube and starting around 10:10 is were he really starts getting into FSGRW and it's operation. For your flights how long would you say it takes to set-up and download for a trip? The graphics to me are hands down better than the stock weather generator in XP-11 but the trade off may be the set-up and loading time. I also learned a lot about the different weather functions, and of interest to me was the part dealing with the weather 'blocks'. Thanks!





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