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Cruise Altitudes and VNAV

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Hi Guys,

Sorry for the silly question, say you're flying a route about an hour long and it has maybe 3-4 waypoints. You have an arrival at the end, so that has put in some altitudes for you as you have selected and entered the arrival. My question is; which waypoints do you set your cruise altitude in? Obviously the first waypoint will be close so there is no way of me getting to FL230 at that point, do I still enter it in?

I'm a little confused about which waypoints you would put your cruise in.

Cheers, Sean

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I'm no expert, but to the best of my knowledge there's no need to plug in your cruise altitude in advance, since VNAV cannot be used for climb.

I only fill in altitudes for descent once I'm in cruise. You should see that filling in a descent waypoint calculates a profile for you based on your current altitude. If TOD is a few waypoints away, you will also see that your current cruise altitude will appear next to all waypoints before TOD.

There are several videos on YouTube where you can see more details. This video by Philipp Ringler from LR is probably the most in-depth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2chCP1XObek


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