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Brunner Force feedback compatibility

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Hi guys

As my birthday and christmas comming soon, I'm considering buying the brunner force feedback yoke : https://www.brunner-innovation.swiss/product/cls-e-ng-yoke/

I really felt in love with the TBM and xplane 11, I currently have a thrustmaster joystick which have little deflection and with this aircraft being really sensitive, it's very hard to control. So force feedback should help me with that and also trimming more efficiently and of course, should be much more immersive.


However, quickly after the release with the tbm, i think I saw someone posted a topic saying that the brunner yoke didn't work correctly with the tbm because it couldn't find the aerodynamic force point location, something like that ?

So @totoritko, is the brunner fully compatible with the tbm ? and do you guys have already a force feedback brunner yoke?

is 90mm elevator deflection and +-90° roll deflection, good to enough for the TBM, I recalled Toto saying that in case of using a force feedback yoke, we should disable the non linear control surface response option but it has only 40N peak force and 1.5 N.m peak torque, is it enough  ?

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