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[SOLVED] Low fps with ryzen5/1060 6g. It's normal?

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As a headline I have this problem. Xplane makes 25/30 fps with the TBM900. It's normal? I wonder why I saw the performance table here on the forum. The GPU is at 98/99% processor and 5.5gb of Memory full, when I have the sim on with TBM. Thanks for assistance

Xplane 11.26

Ryzen5 1600

16gb Ddr4 3000mhz

Gtx1060 6gb

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This depends a lot on your graphical quality settings in X-Plane. Having a maxed out GPU means you probably have your anti-aliasing settings set very high, or scenery shadows or some other effects that put a lot of load on the GPU. Can you screenshot your Graphics Settings screen in X-Plane? We have people with far less performant machines getting higher framerates. It's really just a matter of finding the one setting that is dragging it down.

Also, can you please screenshot the "Sensors" page on a program like GPU-Z. It should something like this:


The reason is that the GPU memory usage statistics in GPU-Z are much more accurate than in X-Plane (X-Plane's statistics do not account for the VRAM overhead of the avionics, which is approximately 500 - 1000 MB, so it might be a matter of simply having the texture quality settings set a bit too high).

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Thank you. I'm going to mark this issue as "solved" for the time being. If you encounter a low-fps situation in the future that you believe is caused by the aircraft, please reopen this issue and we'll take another look.

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