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Change of folder name for my Vatsim+VA flight

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recently I discovered that there is a repaint of a B737-700 of my favourite airline available and fitted on IXEG so I would like to fly it for my VA as a "737-700". However when i want to change the folder name to a "737-700" its not allowing me to change it, but i need it for the smartcars software to accept my flight. Is there a possibility to change something that smartcars would track me as 73G? Thank you very much.:)

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You could try to change the plane's ICAO code in the .acf file, could be that Smartcars is looking for that rather than the folder name.

1.) make a copy of the IXEG's .acf file and rename it e.g. by changing the file extension to .bak
2.) open the .acf file in a text editor and search for the line that begins with P acf/_ICAO
3.) change the ICAO code to B737
4.) save the file


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Yeah thank you very much for your reply, long time after my request i tried to do it as you suggested to me however its not working. Smartcars really does read the folder name :( No succes only still getting warning messages as before.

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