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seatbelt and landing lights

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Hello. I had inquired in another post about how to find the proper CoG and was told to get the "igodispatch" App & plugin.  A wonderful app i might add. The Dev and i did some testing and it turns out there may be some weird stuff going on with the lights. The app monitors the plane's activities and whether or not lighting is propetly on for take offs and landings. Tests determined the app is running ok but the lights are not. Ie seatbelt lights are on at take off but shows they are off. So this is what the dev said

Dave . According to the Log.txt file, your dataref "LES/saab/seat_belt_toggle_pos" was 0, which corresponds to the seatbelt position being OFF.

Check this line in the Log.txt: "iGoConnect: Seatbelt status at landing: 0"

You may try to see it for yourself if you install a plugin called DataRefTool_2018_06_06. Google for it and install it. Then, when you land check its value. It should be 0 for OFF and 1 for ON. Why this is happening, I do not know. But this is definitely not an error on the part of iGoDispatch. Perhaps, it is worth investigating further with the plane developers."

I did not investigste any further because when i turn on the seat belt sign it is illuminated in the CABIN . So that's all i care about. But this does mess up the igodispatch performance report. So for what it's worth if any Dev wants to investigate for the next update here are the log files we used. 

This plane is awesome by the way. Very fun.



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