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video tutorial for ixeg speedy copilot

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Im new to xplane esp.ixeg and not ready sure where to trigger the F/O for his action , after installed yesterday i found no respond from the F/O or if im missing something...it would be nice if someone could make a tutorial video for this great plugin im sure all ixeg user will be happy about it...thx

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Just read the included pdf... you have to click on the Oxygen test button to start the preflight procedure.

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I wanted to trigger the various procedures with logical actions. Just pursue your actions of captain and pilot flying exactly as described in the FCOM.. :-) that should trigger the first officer ! 

Or check the documentation. :)

Also during last week end, the download has been corrected and updated to version 3. I suggest you do a full download again for v3.0. (I might upload version 3.1 soon with bug fixes  as I have more tests to do, and then you will only have to download the small lua script update) . 


Thank you for your interest

Speedy Copilot_3.pdf

Edited by XPJavelin

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I have uploaded the version 3.1 !

I had time to test it tonight, find & repair some bugs, both severe and minors.

I am confident I have reached a stable state (without severe bug) with nice features now. Therefore, from now on, I will reduce the updates rate ! From version 1 to version 3, I have implemented various idea from users. With this fully operational version 3.1, it's time to freeze the features1.

1Of course, if any user finds a bug, I can certainly publish code revisions as I am fully open to comments.

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