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Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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Actually, I am doing a lot of things wrong but I am really confused by this situation. As you can see the airplane's nose does not point to the direction I am travelling. I don't really know if this is a bug or It is caused by a faulty flight operation. Any ideas?


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I do not see anything wrong here.


1. Xplane map is NORTH oriented by default (user selectable), so north heading 000 is top above and you are heading 142 degree which will be the aircraft pointing to the bottom right as shown on the map.


270    090

     180       *(140 should point here aprox)


2. I can not see the FMC on the picture, but you are flying LNAV and i would think the course is set for 132 degree aprox, but because you are having a 107 knots massive crosswind coming from the right as seen on the ND, the A/P is commanding a heading of 142 to counteract wind drift derive and stay over desired LNAV trajectory.


Hope this helps

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