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Activation Problems with "Skymaxx", "SoundMaxx" and "Real Weather Connector"

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Hello guys,

I have already written a email to the support on 05. September, but there was no response yet (Ticket number: CD7Y7). Why nobody cares about my problems, if I spent a lot of money?
Now Im hoping you guys can help me out with this.

If I am in X-Plane 11 and want to activate the plugins "Skymaxx", "SoundMaxx" and "Real Weather Connector" with my Mail and Password, a activiation problem occurs. 
I attached a screenshot to you. I already puted the Plugins in the main folder of X-Plane.

What kind I do to solve this?

Im looking forward to your answer.

Best greetings!

X Plane Problem _ Snap.jpg

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Unfortunately Florida just got slammed by a hurricane,  XA is based in Daytona beach.....

Please exercise some patience until everything is returned to normal down there...... 

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