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Hi. I'm new to X-Plane 11 and was wondering if anyone has any tips in setting up a 2-monitor configuration. I'd like to extend my view with the left monitor as the front left pilot seat view and the second monitor as the front passenger view.  Is this possible? If so how do I set this up in the Graphics window settings?  Many thanks.





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you have 2 options


1. Set up both monitors on xplane renderings. What you did, but you are missing to enable 'lateral fractional offset' for monitor 2 (scroll down on monitor 2 settings), and adjust it accordingly so monitor2 image starts were monitor 1 ends. Play with values 0.50 or 1 or 1.50 or whatever until both monitors form a nice width image you like

pro: looks perfect because xplane renders both monitors no distortion at all.

cons: performance is a bit lower than using option 2.


2. Set up both monitors via NVIDIA or AMD gaphic drivers on windows to form a one big image. Then go to xplane and set the resolution you use on windows.

pro: top performance

cons: image looks stretched on the ends of monitor 2


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2 minutes ago, GiiUnit said:

Awesome - thanks for the tips mmerelles. Option 1 works nicely for my setup. cheers!


you are welcome, glad to have helped. Enjoy.


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