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About This File

Current version is 2.11

This is an add-on script for FlyWithLua based on the findings of user PASCAL_LSGC over at AVSIM about the raleigh scattering controls.

It implements these controls so they are automatically tuned based on the sun elevation (the light veers towards reddish tones when the sun is low on the horizon) and plane altittude (gains go up as you go up).

Requires FlyWithLua!!!

Get it here

please take time to read this from Ben Supnik

The art controls are not a public interface to make X-Plane add-ons. They are an internal development tool. They are unsupported, undocumented, unsafe, and most importantly subject to change with every patch of X-Plane. If you create an add-on that requires reading or writing the art controls, you can expect that your add-on will stop working when X-Plane is updated. When your add-on breaks, please do not complain or file a bug.

Just slap the scripts in your ../resources/plugins/FlyWithLua/scripts folder.

Please read the readme.

If you have installed Sky Maxx Pro, the shadows of the clouds will not be displayed.

Script by SPAS (leave him a PM on the forum if you want)

Thanks to MAT18590 for all the support and inspiration (and for setting the RGB and raleigh values straight)

content kindly provided by x-pilot users Tom Knudsen and slai have been used in the scripts.

Hope you enjoy it.

see a couple of videos from the user Emer1976


PS the scripts are free and free to redistribute or modify. If you do modify them for the better it would be nice to get that feedback.

What's New in Version 2.11


  • v2.11 - bugfixes!

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