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About This File

This is my version of the Honolulu Intl. Airport (PHNL) on the Island of O'ahu, Hi.

Even though it's not completely finished yet, I felt like sharing my progress with the community to enjoy.

All in all it's a pretty accurate depiction of the airport using the Lego-Brick method with focus on the civilian part of the airport. All civilian terminals are modeled (Diamond Head, Central, EWA & Inter Island concourses) as well as the freight apron and the GA area in the South East.

Special attention has been payed to taxi/apron markings which contribute nicely to the overall appearance.

I plan to improve the package in future updates and include a more detailed Hickam AFB.

This package works great with X-Aviation's RS Enhanced: Island of Oahu, HD Mesh V3 and X-Plane 10's default scenery.

And last but definitely not least, I want to thank all authors for contributing their incredible work to the community and letting me use it for this scenery. Thank you very much!!!


Orthoimages from Pearl Harbor to Waikiki

Main Concourses - Diamond Head, Central, EWA, Inter Island & GO

Freight apron - main freight apron near the GA area in the East & small freight apron for Aloha Cargo west of the EWA concourse

GA area - located in the south-east of the airport close to RWY4R with Hangars and marked tarmack tie downs

Air National Guard - Ramp starts and shelters for fighter A/C in the far west of the airport

F/A-22 Scramble post- located close to RWY8L

Populated Gates - Gate are full with service vehicles and ramp equipment

Autogate and DGSs - Marginal's awesome Autogate plugin has been used extensively to improve immersion

HDR lights - nice lighting at night in the right places

Highly accurate Taxiway-layout based on the ortho-imagery of RS Enhanced: Island of Oahu

Highly accurate RWY/Taxi/Apron markings - including Gate Numbers, taxi restrictions, RWY & ILS holds as well as service roads

Many ramp start locations - either for you to choose or for AI A/C to populate

AI-Taxi-network - AI A/C taxi correctly along the specified taxiways

Airport Flows - user and AI A/C will be assigned by ATC to the most appropriate RWY depending on wind conditions. (I'll try to include time rules as well to enable noise abatement during the night---> 4R & 8R for LDG)


High-rise buildings in Waikiki - I added a few skyscrapers to improve/create the skyline you normally see when departing eastbound

Marina close to Honolulu Harbor - inspired by VogoonZarniwoop's "Friday Harbor Boats" package I added this to populate the airport surroundings

If you like the Test-feature, tell me in the comments and I'll improve them in the next release.


OpensceneryX 2.0 - http://www.opensceneryx.com/

Ruscenery- http://ruscenery.x-air.ru/

FF Library - http://forums.x-plan...&showfile=12836

R2_Library: http://xplane.cz/en/r2-library/ Password: OK

Optional but recommended:

Marginal's Autogate plugin: http://forums.x-plan...s&showfile=5038

Real Terra Haze: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=22387

(Settings are included in the screenshots)

As a last point I would like to ask the community for help.

Now this package includes a wonderful Boeing B717 in Hawaiian's beautiful Pualani livery. All credit goes to Skycycle for granting permission to convert and use his model. Please ask for his permission, if you plan to use this object in your scenery package.

Furthermore, I'd like to ask the community to create static A/C in Hawaiian Airlines liveries and post them here. Especially nice models of a B767 and an A330-200 would be very appreciated.

Have fun!!!

What's New in Version 1.21


  • Extended Aerial Ortho imagery to Waikiki Beach
  • Added Fire Trainer model, thanks Flybyguy
  • Added more vegetation
  • Aerial Ortho imagery completely reworked and now in 4K resolution
  • Realigned taxiway layout, AI Taxi Network and Gate Positions (Accuracy ca. 15cm)
  • Enhanced Inter Island Terminal
  • Added static Hawaiian B717 (Thanks to Skycycle)
  • Added Taxi Signs (Not entirely complete yet)
  • Improved overall ambiance
  • Added Hickam AFB Ramp and static A/C
  • Fixed some taxiway/RWY markings

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Very happy to see someone else took advantage of the resources out there - I gave up on this project after technical difficulties including bad computer syndrome... AMAZING! Thank you for this great contribution.

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