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  1. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport - KDFW2013

    KDFW is a major project that leverages the technologies of XP10. Although the default apt.dat was used as the foundation, many changes have been made to pads, lines, signs, pavement markings, etc. so that it better matches the actual layout of the airport. It is by no means “done”, but it was time to get a version out for end users. There are some improvements planned for future updates: blending of the “green” center road area between the terminals using either ortho underlays or road inlays, World Traffic and Ground Traffic files/support, and more custom models to replace facades.
    Terminal Area
    Models - All passenger terminals are custom modeled/textured by Tim Benedict. As well, the AA maintenance “Hangar 5”, the ATC towers and the A to C walkway and observation tower are Tim’s handiwork. “West Hollywood” maintenance area modeled/ textured by Brian
    Gates/Ramps - There are ample start ramps at each terminal as well as the cargo and maintenance areas and the corporate aviation terminal. In addition, there are multiple autogate ramps at each of the terminals.
    V10 ATC
    Taxi Routing - Full coverage of runways, taxiways, terminal and maintenance/cargo areas
    Airport Flows - Configured for typical North or South conditions. Departures from inboard runways and arrivals to the outboard runways just as it really happens. In addition, props and turboprops arrive and depart from the exterior runways so that the flow system will utilize all runways. Arrivals and departures are routed based on your equipment type and departures runways are determined by your filed flight plan heading (if you file east, you will be sent to the east side of the airport, west goes to the west side) regardless of the gate you start up at.
    We have made a diligent attempt to match XP roads to OSM roads as they are/were during construction. Since OSM is always being updated these connections may or may not "hold" as future XP updates rollout.
    User Manual
    A comprehensive PDF guide to the airport layout is included. It contains links to ZFW ARTCC for access to airport operations. The links are direct to documents but you should learn the site layout as document locations may change. All charts in the manual are current as of March 2013 and they rarely change. For ease of access, all procedures are organized thusly:
    SID/STAR - we have included a cheat sheet which lists the procedures by which flight direction (to or from) for ease in route planning.
    ILS/VOR/RNAV - by runway number in ascending order.
    On a project of this scale there are many people who chip in with various types of assistance. I will attempt to recognize all of them for their gracious contributions
    Tim Benedict: without whose enthusiasm and modeling talent, this airport would have remained in the dream portions of my brain. Facades don't do justice to a large airport if it can be helped and Tim came through BIG time, modeling way more than I ever anticipated. Unfortunately, something came up near the end of the project for Tim. With some help from folks listed below, I/we were able to band-aid the remaining issues to finish some models and texturing. I hope whatever happened to Tim is not serious and that the result is good for he and his family.
    Those that directly contributed:
    frede: my friend and mentor
    Pierre Lavaux: creating some great LIT textures that were needed to finish out the terminals (and teaching me in the process)
    KC Hagedorn - photos used for the development of object textures
    Tom Holland - technical advice/assistance
    Beta Testers
    Dave Robertson
    Dave Dillinger
    Nathan Powell
    Tarun Mittal…
    and more great guys and gals at X-Plane Aviators Facebook group.
    Those that indirectly contributed:
    Ben, Chris, Austin and the other folks at LR (employee or dedicated contributor)
    The entire community of developers that make this the incredible simulator that it is
    Marginal - for Autogate
    Barbarossa - for the awesome "Reload Scenery" plugin…saved countless hours during verification
    Beber/RoyalOak - Serviced Aircraft
    Conan - Static ACF
    N1969 - Static ACF ERJ145 from previous artists (detailed in the enclosed readme) I removed the aircraft shadow from the texture file, the beacon, landing and strobe lights from the OBJ file.
    Planebuilder - static MD90
    Nickster - bridges




  2. KLAW - Lawton Ft Sill Regional Airport

    Lawton Ft Sill Regional is the largest commercial airport in southwest Oklahoma. Fort Sill is home to the Field Artillery School and as a very large base provides a lot of business for KLAW. KLAW is, in turn, a regional feeder for American Airlines and KDFW.
    This package includes three airports:
    KLAW - a regional airport in southwest Oklahoma. It is a feeder to KDFW
    KFSI - Henry Post Army Airfield at Fort Sill (I spent MANY a year here in the military)
    KDUC - Halliburton Field, Duncan Oklahoma.
    All fields were built from the ground up and will be submitted for inclusion to the XP database so at least the base information will be more than a runway and computer generated taxiway. Everything is as close to the actual fields as I could get it…with the exception of the fictional artillery tribute I created at KFSI.
    Some GI lighting at all fields
    ATC layouts at KLAW and KFSI because they both have towers. No flows yet…was hoping Chris S. would do a tutorial by now. :-(
    To the following for making your objects available to the community at large:
    Tim Benedict: Modeled airport objects
    Planemaker (the guy, not the application): military aircraft
    Michael Hoge: military vehicles
    David Austin (@x-plane.org): T38
    Mr3D, Chris Noe: flags
    Beber/Royaloak for static aircraft




  3. 7B6 - Skylark Airpark

    This is 7B6 Skylark Airpark, located in Warehouse Point, CT. It has a "few" years under its' belt but is a cozy GA field east of Bradley International Airport. Aside from building it up from just the runway data, I made only modest "reality" changes to it and I regret that I couldn't make the runway and taxiway as "mature" as they really are. I did add a few low intensity GI lights about the apron just so you can tell it is there after dark. Finally, this is a rural area and a rural field. there are trees in the area…lots and lots of trees. Unfortunately, XP has a big blank spot painted around the field. To rectify this, I have painted in forest polygons (roughly) where the trees are around the field. the ONLY way to do the trees justice is to set your rendering options to tree-hugger. we all need to be more earth friendly anyway, right? Hope you enjoy it!
    Thanks to the folks at OpenSceneryX for the objects, and Justin Krasinski for requesting the field.




  4. KGRR - Grand Rapids

    Sorry for the quick revision, but it is well worth it. I received an unexpected message and gift from a community member...objects that he had modeled for this airport. I am humbled and of course added them for the whole community to enjoy. Thank you AndrooC!
    This is KGRR Grand Rapids, MI. The package also includes Y70, a field which caters to gliding enthusiasts. Both fields were requested by fellow X-Planer Dave Robertson (check out his AWESOME XPlane videos on YouTube "redpiper1").
    This version:
    Modeled and textured feature canopy and ATCT
    Road tweaks to enable automobile flow through the terminal area and parking garage (I know it's eye-candy...this will be enhanced once OSM data is updated)
    Previous version:
    Version 10 Only
    Full ATC (no flows yet) at KGRR
    GI lighting at both KGRR and Y70
    "New" apron lights
    Graduated LOD terminal objects
    Plane spotting pad at KGRR
    The underlying airport data for KGRR is largely the default from XP10. I only tweaked some of the hard surfaces around the terminal area to accommodate objects.
    Y70 is built from the ground up as it only had a runway and a computer generated taxiway. Minimal GI lighting has been added for aesthetics.
    It seems it wouldn't be right unless I had a glitch with the fenced parking facade. This time, even though my facade is aligned with the underlying pavement using "snap vertices" it still refuses render a whole segment properly. This is on the most northwest parking area (just ignore it) :-)
    Credit shout outs:
    AndrooC for the totally awesome and unexpected graciousness of the canopy and ATCT that up the visual appeal of the airport 1000%
    All scenery designers regardless of talent, that inspire us to advance the XPlane experience
    The whole LR team with special thanks to the art/texture person (I don't know who it is by name)
    OpenSceneryX for objects
    Finally, Dave Robertson both for the inspiration of this package and for modifying the base XP texture file so that we have a little variety on the apron lights now. Yes, the package is a little bigger than it would be because we had to mod and copy the texture files. We couldn't replace the original nor add it to the library…but we hope that LR will hear the plea already sent and include this in future releases as "stock". Until then, other designers feel free to use the hacked object and textures in your own projects. At least credit Dave…my hacking the object was easy. :-)
    Constructive criticism/comments are always welcome. If you want to just gripe, please remember that people like me do this for the enjoyment (hence, the purchase price). Enjoy it or not, the choice is yours.




  5. KPWM Portland International Jetport

    This is Portland International Jetport
    XP10 Only, fully G.I. and ATC compliant
    Thanks to:
    Jayden B for the inspiration to take this on
    Baron (frede) and royaloak for the camaraderie and technical assistance
    Chris and Ben at Laminar for technical assistance (and for an awesome simulator).
    OpenSceneryX for the objects
    2 Known issues still under investigation:
    1) A section of the gate surrounding the employee parking lot will not display
    2) Some trees will show up on the Fedex pad at higher tree settings even though there is an exclusion zone covering it


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  6. Biddeford Municipal - B19

    Biddeford Municipal Airport. This version is XP10 only. I am trying to reverse engineer my own work for a version for XP9.
    A glitch has been reported about the runway heading. Although the heading for 06 (and conversely 24) is set for 55.90, in cockpit instruments display 72. I am submitting a bug report for this.


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