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  1. hello again
    I tested with the GTN750 and I have the same problem, even in GPS MODE the autopilot does not follow the course (yet the HSI indicates the right direction to follow) and the VS does not work.
    I did a reinstall of the plane, and I don't have any plugin that interferes with your module...

  2. Good morning
    I have a problem that I can't solve.
    The plane flies well, however when I engage the autopilot the plane is not on course.
    Whether I switch to VLOC, GPS or HDG mode, the plane flies straight, I have the impression that the servos are inactive...
    Did I miss something?

  3. Hello and congratulations for this exceptional aircraft that I have owned since 2019 and which for me is the best addon in the range.
    What was my surprise to see that you are not making a simple port, but a global overhaul of this monument...
    I can't wait to test this new version and introduce it to my subscribers during a live.
    It's going to be an exceptional evening.

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  4. I want to thank the whole team for doing such a good job on this aircraft.
    You have pushed the simulation very high, the FBO is brilliant, the plane very beautiful, the systems are of a realism that I have never seen before, the excellent audio quality, the study side very well done, the humor of the door is a plus that I love...
    In short, I will not stop complimenting the quality of this work.
    I recommend it to all my subscribers and I even call it my precious
    Thanks again
    Best regards

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