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  1. Dear X-aviation

    Sorry for the tone of my email. I send you one ticket 19 of November'20 and second ticket 04 of December'20 and third 02 of 2021. Till today nobady an anwer me. 

    Here I want to share with you my problem current exist (I'm not able to use my product in Xplane due to x-plugin problem)

    In the last time I changed the sound card in my computer (changed internal on the mainboard on external creative). Current when I logged in the XP11 to x-plugin i recevie feedback that I have to decide which account (computer) have to be replace. Unfortunetlly when I mark the one from three exist "computer"  I receive information that I can not login in to x-plugin. General it can be true becasue till today I changed three times my internal parts of computers (during the many years of usage your products) Are you able to support me and let me know how can I login now in XP11. 


    Tickets in above dates were opened from email on which I logged to the forum


    Best Reagards Bart.

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