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  1. 4 hours ago, wilsonsb said:

    So I just purchased the new SR-22 and I'm using X-Plane 11.5 BETA.  I also have the Realsimgear Cirrus perspective G1000 setup.  When I loaded the SR-22 aircraft, the PFD and MFD loaded on the Realsimgear but it included the bezels, knobs and buttons on the screen.  How do I get just the screen to pop out of the bezels?  I thought this was supposed to be developed with the realsimgear to be basically plug n play.  Can someone help me out?

    I also accidently clicked on the (x) on the MFD window and it closed it and now I can't get it to reload on the MFD screen.



    Hey Scott, have you updated to the latest version of the RSG Plugin? You may need to go grab it from the RSG Site - It's been updated to incorporate this SR-22 and there's a new 'pop-out' option for the PFD/MFD which then show up in the SR-22 Plugin drop-down in the X-Plane menu. That should get you on the right track & worked for me! :) 

    More info over at RSG Here: http://help.realsimgear.com/en/articles/4011455-setup-for-realsimgear-cirrus-perspective-hardware-and-torquesim-sr22


    Hope that helps,



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