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  1. Dear developers.

    First of all, I really appreciate your work, I still can't believe how you managed to pull this off.

    The problem is that the pitot tube cover clickspot is accessible from inside the cockpit. I was looking around the flightdeck just out of curiosity and found a clickspot over the left side Air-Conditioning Blower (next to the left Stall Protection Pusher switch). I immediately thought that the blower was animated and could move it  around, so I clicked and something really bad happened... The pitot tube was instantly blocked and my airspeed was all over the place. Hopefully I noticed soon and got it all back together.


    It's just a minor detail, but given the level of detail of this aircraft, I thought reporting this could be helpful.


    Best wishes,


    X-Plane Screenshot 2022.01.10 -

  2. 11 hours ago, Graeme_77 said:

    Yes they are, and we should have put them in the Operations Reference doc. Sorry about that. 



    Hello Graeme.

    Is there any NAV/ DAT/ or SUR/ equipment to be filed in item 18?


    Kind Regards,


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