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  1. JGG-Crossair HB-AHA

    Here's a repaint for the awesome Saab 340 from LES.  It's my first repaint and I wanted to do something Swiss.  I fly around Zurich a lot and I really like the Swiss cross on the tail fin.
    This repaint is of Crossair HB-AHA.  It was delivered to Crossair in 1984 and was part of their fleet of regional aircraft that flew between Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lugano and Zurich.  This particular aircraft was put out of service in February 1990 when the landing gear was retracted on the ground during a training exercise.  There were no locking pins in place and it caused irreparable damage.
    Crossair had been growing quite well during the 70's and 80's which made Swissair, the national airline, quite nervous.  During the late 80's Swissair were purchasing more and more shares in Crossair and eventually owned about 60% of the company.  Because of this, I've included a Swissair branded GPU in the livery.  It also has a logo light for the tail fin.
    Now you can fly with the correct colours when you do those regional routes in Switzerland!
    Hope you enjoy,




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