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General Aviation - SkySport98


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File Name: SkySport98

File Submitter: 98Aerospace

File Submitted: 21 Oct 2012

File Category: General Aviation

X-Plane Version(s): X-Plane 9


After strapping gutsy test pilots into our work-in-progress aircraft for months now, we though that they needed a bit of luxury, so we designed a leasurely and fun, single seat stunt / sport biplane to take the ease off the job.

The result was so spectacular, we decided to share it to you for you to enjoy aswell! Originally designed as a test aircraft for the latest XSTOL technology, this Biplane is very lighweight, with a fuselage built out of an Epoxy / Carbon / Chevlar sandwich. Our airfoil researchers have found the perfect airfoil shape to take advantage of the aircrafts' powerfull 315 Hp radial engine, and our designers at the 98' shop have found a way to make a stable wing system that doesn't require wire bracing. We have also teamed up with Ferrari to taylor make our leather cockpit seating and dash panel, and Avidyne to supply the systems for our deluxe PFD glass display.

The SkySport has been made ready so it can be entered into the RENO air races, and has been given a nimble flight characteristic for optimum performance. It can fly at the lowest speed of 25 Kts, and max of 200, and can take off almost instantly thanks to XSTOL technology. XSTOL is STOL, but under the restrictions that the aircraft can take off in less than 800 ft and carry a load greater than its own weight, and we have acheived XSTOL by far, and the team at the lab are very happy with this indeed!

Click here to download this file

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