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Tying up loose ends RE: 787-8.


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Hey y'all

It's been a while since I've lurked on this forum. I must admit it's very flattering to see that my 767-400 is still the top download in the forum haha. 

I'll cut straight to the chase, as I'm mostly here to tie up loose ends regarding what has happened to my projects and where I am now. After high school, I simply haven't been able to find time to continue developing the 787 project. The short of it is, the project is dead. Source files for the aircraft probably don't even exist anymore, and if they do, I certainly can't find them. I do apologize for being so silent on the issue, I genuinely didn't anticipate how crazy life would become in the years after 11th grade.

These days, I don't really fly anymore, though I'm tempted to jump back into it some day. That being said, I still work a lot in the 3D modelling and CGI world now as a full time job, working with VR imaging companies and doing my own CGI visualization and photography work in the automotive industry. (I've enclosed some examples of my recent work, if you guys are curious).

I'd like to try and get back into the community eventually, just as a member for the forseable future, and maybe someday as a developer again. :)







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On 1/23/2018 at 9:13 PM, shay303 said:

Hi there i've been looking for a good 787-8 for a long *** time and was wondering if you could post the plane in it's current state? If not that's ok *) too!

He said that the source files don't exist anymore, which means the plane itself doesn't exist anymore. So I guess we only have screenshots for this aircraft unfortunately.

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