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  1. Hi Ben, Thanks for pointing me to the right direction! Resetting the preferences had no effect, so I started to disable all plugins one by one again. This time it turned out to be JAR Designs "TugMaster Deluxe" Plugin. The last time I disabled Gizmo first so disabling all other plugins had no more effect on the "pause" issue. It looks like the "TugMaster" interferes with the Saab in some way. It works if I disable one of both plugins. Another detail of the issue that I noticed (I case one wants to reproduce this error): the dos box appears only when hitting pause after the first takeoff. Disabling the TugMaster Plugin when using the Saab is a solution I can live with :-) Thanks again for your help!
  2. Hello everyone, I'm using the Saab very often and I like the plane very (very very) much. I haven't used the plane for some weeks and now I wanted to do a flight again and now something weird happens: when I hit the "pause" key (assigned to Spacebar in X-Plane for me) on the keyboard X-Plane spawns a black emptly shell window. X-Plane freezes and I have to hit "any key" in den shell window so it disappers and X-Plane is "paused". When hitting "pause" key again X-Plane changes from pause back to normal. The last time I used the Saab everything was just fine. I never have had isses with her (I can only remember the CTOT bug when overheating engines). I used a TaskManager to see where the command shell window is comming from: As you can see, it's a child process of X-Plane. When looking into the properties of the process you can see that the batch command "pause" is executed in the command shell (/c pause): I disabled all X-Plane plugins one by one and the command shell window stops appearing after I disabled Gizmo. I'm using Gizmo for SkyMaxx-Pro and MaxxFx and don't have had such effects when using any of the other planes (payware, most of them are probably driven by SASL). As far as I remember the only thing I have changed since the last use of the Saab is installing MaxxFx and updating SkyMaxx-Pro to version 2.0. Both of them reinstall Gimzo and I had trouble in earlier versions that the Saab didn't work correctly after installing SkyMaxx-Updates. So I installed the Saab (and Gizmo) again, but the command shell window still pops up. Any ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated :-) Edit: Sorry, I forgot this: using Windows 7/64, X-Plane 10.30R1 (tried it with 10.25, too, with same effect) Saab 340 V1.1