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  1. XOrionFE

    [Confirmed] New datarefs not working

    Hello Jan, I am Rob's friend Scott with a similiar -300 home cockpit build near Chicago. Was really looking forward to the new datarefs. Hope you guys can rework a fix to get them going soon. We appreciate it!
  2. XOrionFE

    Activation problems

    I have a networked XP10 setup. I installed SkyMaxx Pro on all five PCs (main and 4 visual slaves). I activated on the main pc. On the other 4 I just cancelled out of the activation screen. But when I run, only the main PC is getting the weather generation, the 4 networked ones are not. So I restarted them and when the activation screen popped up I went ahead and activated and then its weather started working (although not apparently in sync with the master as the clouds were different). I then tried to activate on another and now the activation states all my slots are used up! What is the fix for this? I thought this software was supposed to work fine across multiple visual pc's in an x-plane 10 networked visuals setup. Please help and also reset my activations if I have done that wrong. Scott (swegner3@gmail.com)