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    System Crash (No AI Traffic)

    I've read the previous threads regarding system crashes, and it happened today on a flight from kmry to ksba. I've attached the log files--Appreciate any help--Thanks-- Robert P.S. the last msg is "something reinstalled our exception handler..." Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  2. rlw9sr

    MFD Navigation Status Box

    Is it possible to change these data, e.g. fuel over destination? I've checked the G1000 manual (referenced in the documentation) and the commands do not work. I'd appreciate any assistance or help--Thanks, Robert
  3. rlw9sr


    I have had trouble using the VORs. VOR2 works properly and the DME checks. The needle however points to 90' (not receiving the signal). VOR1 with the same frequency shows no DME and also appears to be inop. I apologize if there a quick/easy answer to the question--Thanks, Robert
  4. rlw9sr

    A/P Integration

    Thanks very much for the DC-3. It's the best DC-3!--(the only rival is fs x's MAAM DC-3). My question regards the autopilot. Is it possible to integrate the STEC55 into the sim; the A/P coupled with the GNS530W from RealityXP allows tracking Victor airways and performing instrument approaches. I've been able to do this with other X-Plane aircraft but have been unsuccessful so far with the DC-3. Any comments would be appreciated--Thanks again for a great sim-- Robert