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    Pocket rocket not working...

    Just did my first flight, after sorting out some initial issues. Took off from KFWN(Sussex,NJ), feeling the aircraft out, Did an Rnav approach back to Kfwn rwy 3... Good graphics and sound. Still need to sort out the beta, reversing, using the trottle lever on my ch yoke. Regards, Bill
  2. Wilbur Right

    Pocket rocket not working...

    Coop, thanks for the followup, Bill
  3. Wilbur Right

    Pocket rocket not working...

    I moved the xgs folder out of the plugins folder. Loaded X- Plane & Pocket Rocket..... Most problems are fixed. However, and this might sound crazy, but where is the starter switch? Really can't find it.... also,. Got the prop & fuel levers working, throttle lever is working, but can't get it set up for moving lever into beta and reverse thrust.. should it work like the TBM900, where I have a button assigned to engage beta, and then can pull lever back?! there is a lot of documention for this aircraft, just not enough on getting things set up and going! regards, Bill
  4. Wilbur Right

    Pocket rocket not working...

    I have this same issue.... will there be a fix for this? is there a way to disable the plugin, but not uninstall it? Regards, stay safe, Bill