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  1. Pateador

    737 CL issues

    Ben... So simple and so dumb for my part, it works beautifully now.... THANKS A LOT
  2. Pateador

    737 CL issues

    Hi Cameron and Jan, The problem that I have, if it is about activation, in no momment I got in my screen, as far as I remember, any activation process. Today I downloaded again the 737, and once Xplane opened and the 737 selected, no message whatsoever about activation......And I had deactivated Windows defender just in case. Anyway, I send you the log fileas requested. So again...HELP, please Log.txt
  3. Pateador

    737 CL issues

    Hi Jan I have tried as you said, no way... Furthermore, when I open the 737, in my screen I have my point of view ALWAYS behind the head of the pilot, and the keyboard doesn’t work properly either, that could be because I have a Spanish one , with this extra letter Ñ, and in the past it was a problem. As also as I said at the very beginning, my cursor when positioned over a switch, changes to a hand, usually meaning that some action could be done, but not in my case. So it look like it is a problem of position a I see in others enquirers... So, any more ideas to solve this problem, please?
  4. Pateador

    737 CL issues

    Hi Cameron, I have the Xplane 10, so I suppose that my problem is different from the owners of the Xplane 11.
  5. Pateador

    737 CL issues

    Video card drivers already updated, working fine in any other Xplane 10 aircrafts...
  6. Pateador

    737 CL issues

    Yes I have a triple monitor rig, 2 Nvidia gtx680 SLI, using 3 ports of the 4 availables
  7. Pateador

    737 CL issues

    I have recently purchased the 737 CL, and my mouse is not working properly: I can see it moving, but no pop up settings and neither clickable button can be activated. I have W10 up to date, as drivers and also the Xplane 10.. Any ideas about this issue?