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    ADF and autorouter problem

    Thanks for your answer. waiting for the next update.
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    ADF and autorouter problem

    hi, first of all, I want to say that this plane is fantastic. great work. I have lots of fun with it. Just want to report few issues I had (since i updated 1.1.10) just in case if i am doing something wrong with the aircraft 1- when using autorouter charts on the g1000 of the aircraft, i often have a CTD (when reading the log to see what happened it seems that something dealing with the wxr part is crashing the aircraft) for your information i am using ASXP. anyone already had this issue? 2-NDB reception looks to be totally wrong (see attached pictures). when tracking directly the ndb (12 o clock) ADF is indicating maybe something like 30degrees right or left..... I tested the NDBs with others aircraft and it worked. problem is really coming from the plane or maybe i am doing something wrong. thanks for your help