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  1. alanrco

    Revert back to 1.0.9?

    Two problems since the update: 1) The Gen Off in CAS does not go off when activated. Battery does not seem to discharge while flying though. 2) Three times I've tried to customise the fuselage registration. Each time X-Plane locks up. When restarting, the TBM 900 will not load and in fact locks XP again. Each time it requires the plane to be re-installed. No point trying to customise until this has been fixed or I may return to the previous version. BTW loading other planes has not been affected.
  2. alanrco

    Someone say there is a manual?

    Wowee! Quick response, TY Goran!
  3. alanrco

    Gate control

    I had a brief affair with F1 simulator and have a gated gear-change control. Would have been good for this plane but it's not USB so can't fit it to my Saitek yoke :-(
  4. Where, please? BTW, no search on this forum?