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  1. mrogelthorpe

    CTD / No Sound

    Hi Ricky, I've managed to get through a couple flights recently without issue. Not really sure how - I haven't changed anything other than adding the RAM, but I had a crash after I did that. I have started turning down the AA settings when getting near clouds, but I still get the long pauses/stutters. Luckily on the last two flights, I didn't lose sound but it still is unnerving every time it freezes up for 10-15 seconds. My motherboard is ASRock B215 Pro 4.
  2. mrogelthorpe

    CTD / No Sound

    Thanks Goran. There shouldn't be anything weather related running as I'm just using the stock xplane weather. I am using xvision but that's really the only major third party mod I'm using (other than the aircraft obviously).
  3. mrogelthorpe

    CTD / No Sound

    Hi, I went ahead and upgraded my PC with another 16gb of RAM...32gb total now. Attempted another flight and while I made it somewhat further than I did last time, I still had a sudden and unexpected crash about 20 minutes into the flight. The program froze up for about 10 seconds and then just closed. I'm not sure what else to try at this point, but unfortunately I don't feel like this aircraft can be counted on to make it through a flight. Are there any other ideas you have? Thanks. Dane Log.txt
  4. mrogelthorpe

    CTD / No Sound

    Hi Goran, Removed XJet and tried a flight. Overall, it seemed smoother and more stable for the first 10 minutes or so (cloud cover was considerably less today as well, so maybe that had something to do with it), but then ran into issues again. During climb, the sim seemed to hang up for about 10 seconds, then got a loud buzzing/feedback sound on the speakers, visuals picked back up, but the sound had dropped out completely. I tried inactivating/reactivating sound via the xplane menu and keyboard commands, but it wouldn't come back. I don't have any ortho scenery installed at the moment and honestly have never had stutters/pauses like this flying any other aircraft, so I'm not sure what's happening. I do plan to upgrade my RAM eventually, but until I can do that, I hope there's something else we can do to at least get the TBM flyable. Thanks in advance for the help.I'm attaching the log from the latest test flight. Dane Log.txt
  5. mrogelthorpe

    CTD / No Sound

    Thanks Goran. I'll give this a shot after work and see if removing XJet improves anything and let you know. Just curious - what would be your minimum and recommended amounts of RAM to run the TBM without issue? I didn't see any system specs (maybe I missed them?) and even though I know more would be better, I've never had any major issues running other aircraft. Thanks again - will report back this evening.
  6. mrogelthorpe

    CTD / No Sound

    Hi, I bought the TBM 900 a couple days ago and have been having various issues since. Could not complete a flight without a CTD within the first 20 minutes. Xplane would just shut down after freezing for about 30 seconds - no error displayed or other info. Reduced my texture settings to "High" and have not had a CTD since; however, it's still not exactly a pleasant flying experience. Every 5 to 10 minutes, the sim will freeze up for 10-15 seconds and then eventually pick back up. The last time this happened to me, the visuals were able to recover, but the sound dropped out completely. Can someone please help? I've heard great things about this aircraft, but at the moment it's just not something I can fly without worrying about the sim crashing halfway (or less) through the flight. I've attached the log.txt from after one of the crashes and the other file is the log after the issue where the sound dropped out. Happy to provide any other documentation requested. Thanks in advance. Dane Log.txt Log_no sound.txt