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  1. Gurinder

    Soundmaxx won't install

    I have contacted x aviation support on the same issue. I received a ticket number but have not received any follow up. I purchased SoundMaxx in first week of January 2019. I have searched the forums and googled for answers but no luck so far. I hope someone has solution for this problem.
  2. Gurinder

    IXEG 737-300 Issues

    I acquired IXEG 737-300 in November 2018. I use X Plane 11.30 on 2018 iMac with 8 GB VRAM and high end microprocessor. I am experiencing following issue: FMC and/or PFD and/or ND lock up during flight and sometimes at start. Activating the debug mode sometimes causes these to start working again. I have reinstalled X Plane 11 and IXEG737 again, but the issue has not gone away. I am not experiencing this issue with Zimbabwe Mod 737, Flight Factor 767, or Tolis A319. Is any one else experiencing these type of problems with IXEG?