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  1. Does this happen in the middle of a leg or at the transition between two legs (or randomly)? Can you reproduce the problem? Maybe you could tell us which departure this is? I had a similar problem when flying in OBS mode - see here: In the end, the issue seems to have been the leg type which is not meant to be used in combination with OBS mode. However, the way the autopilot behaviour seems similarly erratic in your case, flying off in a random direction.
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    OBS mode for hold pattern - unexpected behaviour

    @fireone: Spot on! I got my method to hold with the G1000 from this very video. Those videos are awesome!
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    OBS mode for hold pattern - unexpected behaviour

    Update: As of X-Plane 11.30 Beta 7, the G1000 won't let you activate OBS mode on those "CA" type legs, so no source of error anymore.
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    OBS mode for hold pattern - unexpected behaviour

    Ok I see what you mean - I traced the problem to its root, so to say Maybe I should call it a feature request from now on Jokes aside, it could very well be an unintentional behaviour (bug) on top of his intended implementation. If you have time to waste, try it in the sim!
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    OBS mode for hold pattern - unexpected behaviour

    I disagree. This can't be the intended behaviour. Not when everything else follows a rigid concept.
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    OBS mode for hold pattern - unexpected behaviour

    PINIK is the next waypoint ("(1320)->PINIK" is indicated in magenta in the PFD). The highlighted radial rotates around PINIK when changing CRS, too. The Indications of the CDI (deviation) are also as expected. I can manually track along the selected radial using the CDI, only the autopilot doesn't get it In the X-Plane forum, someone is pointing at the leg type that might be an issue.. Regarding the latest charts / airnav database: you can update your X-Plane database by putting it into the Custom Data folder, (details: here) How you obtain current data is up to you.. @fireone: Thanks for wrapping your head around the approach. Unfortunately, I have not made it clear enough that I am not flying the approach. I am starting out flying the SID and then trying to hold on PINIK. I have tried the approach, it works like a charm Send me a message if you are interested in the plates. I think you might be onto something. That's close to what someone said in the x-plane forums. I will try doing a D->Pinik and also inserting PINIK somewhere in the flight plan. It just doesnt make sense to me, since with my method, I can activate OBS mode, it will give me course deviations as needle deflections and/or xtk distances and I could fly by that manually. Why should the autopilot A: not be able to do it and B: not give any warning or error if it's not? The way the system behaves, it creates risky situations. (I realise that I am not sitting in an actual plane, just saying ) Your proposed method of using LOC1 will surely work. But doing so in an actual flight would require you to anticipate the problem with OBS mode. I could also imagine situations where this bug occurs and there is no localiser. Finally, I agree with your comment about the G1000 not being on par with the rest. But when I tried to find a simulator and plane offering nice graphics, 3D cockpit and the option to do IFR stuff / VATSIM some year or two ago, it was a lot worse. I feel like its getting closer every day Thank you all for your thoughts! Felix
  7. Hi everyone, I encountered some unexpected behaviour when trying to use the OBS mode in the TBM900 when trying to fly holding patterns. It seems to me that this is a bug, but maybe I'm doing something wrong. Skip down to "PROBLEM DESCRIPTION" if you want to cut to the chase A little background: I'm a real world, pilot with a PPL-A close to about 75 hours, VFR only. I have used X-Plane 10 and 11 extensively during my flight training. I use the sim to get familiar with new airports, train for specific situations (e.g. engine emergencies). It has helped me tremendously in training and I can only recommend doing so to any student pilot. After obtaining my license I have continued to train with the sim, even honing my landing skills. The Carrenado PA-28 Archer II captures the real PA-28 that I fly very well, once you fiddle with the joystick curves a little. I have read a few books on instrument flying and I would love to start my IR soon. I have no doubts that sim training will come in especially handy for that! I have logged quite a few hours flying a Mooney on VATSIM and I'm quite confident using the GNS430 for that now. To make things more interesting, I bought a payware TBM850. On that specific product, the G1000 can't be updated with current charts and doesnt work properly on X-Plane 11. Looking for a replacement, I have followed the development of the X-Aviation TBM900 and I was thrilled when it came out recently. First of all, I am absolutely amazed by how well this plane is made. Everything from the graphical side of things, the modelling of the systems and even the documentation is just on a superb level! The way using h-shape throttle pattern was implemented is very clever and elegant. I am working in jet engine research and have experience in systems modelling - the way the PT6 is modelled in the X-Aviation TBM900 feels very convincing to me. Amazing stuff PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: I have started to fly various IFR exercises with the TBM900 and X-Plane 11.26. When trying to fly holds on the PINIK wpt near LZSA (Lugano, Switzerland), the problem occurred. The published hold for PINIK is shown below: I departed from LSZA using the SID. Before arriving at PINIK, I activated OBS mode to stop waypoint sequencing and keep PINIK as the current waypoint. In the screenshot below, I completed the outbound leg (parallel entry) and the outbound arc. I am using HDG mode to intercept the inbound leg to PINIK: Note that CRS is set to 017°. This should enable me to fly the inbound leg using the NAV autopilot setting. However, when I switch to NAV mode, instead of turning left and intercepting the radial the autopilot will turn right: If I then leave the autopilot in NAV mode and wait, it will cross the radial and eventually fly away from waypoint, airport and radial: The described method of flying a the hold has worked for other waypoints enroute and even at PINIK. I am not able to consistently reproduce the error. My suspicion is that there is a bug in the way the X-Plane/X-Aviation G1000 handles OBS mode. Maybe in some part of the code, the current leg (1320)->PINIK is regarded as a current reference for the autopilot, while it should really be the 017° radial of PINIK? Am I doing something wrong? Any ideas how to fix this? Is this even the appropriate forum? Slightly off-topic, I can recommend checking out LSZA and its IGS 01 approach: 6.65° degree glide path, relatively short field, unusual go around and mountains in the VC! Felix