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  1. I finally worked out how to control the dramatic swerving from one side to the other as I tried to control the takeoff roll down the runway. It seems I was not getting off the ground quick enough i.e. as soon as I reach 85mph. Below that speed the tendency to swerve is much less and just about controllable with the rudder. Hope that's of help to anyone else who's been struggling to get t clean takeoff. Sq.
  2. Squinius

    Flooded engine after instructors tutorial

    I had the same problem resulting in an inability to get NG over ~8.5% at start-up (needs >13% before feeding in fuel). I re-installed but no change. The only way I cold reset everything back to the original install was to a) uninstall, and also b) delete contents of ../X-Plane 11/Output/TBM900. Sq.