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  1. Did you turn the main generator on when you started the engine? It's done when you move to flight idle, along with a few other things. The inertial separator should be turned off after take off, and turned on for landing.
  2. Morris Minor

    [SOLVED] Undercarriage Not Working

    Found the 'problem' - it was mainly me Turned out that two circuit breakers had triggered, so all was sorted when they were re-set. I had not spotted this before, and thought that the uninstall/reinstall/updates process would clear everything, but clearly that's not the case. I thought I had checked the circuit breakers at one point but obviously missed these. Anyway, all good now
  3. Morris Minor

    [SOLVED] Undercarriage Not Working

    First off I have to say I'm loving this plane - congrats to the wizards who have made it so well. I have one weird problem though - I use orthos so have two installs of X-Plane on separate hard drives for North America and Europe respectively. The TBM900 in the North America install is perfect. However the TBM900 in Europe has one problem, despite the installations/settings being the same, in that the undercarriage lights in the cockpit are not illuminated and the gear will not retract. All other systems seem fine. I use the same key bindings and the lever animation for raising/lowering the undercarriage works with the key and with the mouse. This has been an issue since v1.0 and despite updating to each version, now 1.04, the problem remains. I've tried uninstalling/re-installing, copying preferences from the North America install, but I haven't resolved it. So I need some advice please! Any help is much appreciated. And hello to everyone here of course, Stephen