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  1. ekebergt

    G1000 Issue

    Ever since I bought this product Iv had an irritating issue where even though the aircraft is activated the g1000 screens look broken and dirty. Any Ideas?
  2. ekebergt

    Speed control?

    Thank you
  3. ekebergt

    Speed control?

    Does the tbm have an auto throttle system or not? Just wondering is all
  4. ekebergt

    [SOLVED] Flight Recovery System

    you are a hero
  5. ekebergt

    [SOLVED] Flight Recovery System

    I can load the plane i have an issue with the flight save system they have. and doing your method did not solve it sadly
  6. ekebergt

    [SOLVED] Flight Recovery System

    Hi I did a flight left during and now everytime I load the plane is boots to flight recovery which i dont want and it crashes the sim anyway to fix this or just straight up disable the system