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  1. Bubib5

    Cabin crew announcements for IXEG 737

    Does it work in 11.30? anyone tried it out? Thnx!
  2. Bubib5

    xSaitekPanels map

    Thank you very very much! Loving the setup!
  3. Bubib5

    Loading issue Sim paused and grey screen

    Sadly no, that does not work for me, as i run a 4k ultrawide, and a standard 1080p secondary, and it does not work, for me to make it work i need to switch xplane to windowed mode, and then its all perfect!
  4. Bubib5

    [SOLVED] Frame Rates / Objects size

    Im running an I7-8700K, an 1080TI, and running Xplane from SSD, i normally get around 55-60FPS using Zibo, around 45FPS using FF320U, and i get around 40FPS with the TBM, mind you i am using default weather engine for the TBM because i want to use the WX radar, BUT once i turn on Synthetic vision on i drop instantly to 26-29 FPS, why is synth vision having such a huge impact?
  5. Bubib5

    Windows issues on UHD resolutions

    Ahh, ok already tried that, you were also on the discord today
  6. Bubib5

    Loading issue Sim paused and grey screen

    Hey, so you solved your issue by enabling both monitors to the fullscreen sim, and you closed out the secondary, and then it work? great, i will give that a try right now!
  7. Bubib5

    Windows issues on UHD resolutions

    Hey, do you maybe care to share your fix please! Thnx