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  1. MrResetti

    TBM 900 doesnt work anymore

    Strangely enough everything worked later this evening, absolutely great! Still bought the Epic E1000 though, so now I have 2 prop rockets to have fun with:). VR with ss 1.5 works like a charm too, no fps loss at all and stable around 25-30 fps in low pop areas, even with my low specs (i5 4590 8gb ram gtx 970). Great job X-aviation, maybe now you have some time for the P-180?
  2. MrResetti

    TBM 900 doesnt work anymore

    Yeah but not for this one, it's too fps heavy for my old pc. I noticed that clicking above the panels lights up the airframe manager, but I still get that glitched out white area. I guess I'll just wait for a couple of updates and entertain myself with the Epic E1000 for the time being.
  3. MrResetti

    TBM 900 doesnt work anymore

    SO far I'm grounded though haha, I really hope I can fix this, I think there is something wrong with my file. The maintenance manager I can click it now and the airframe manager too, but I always end up at the payload & balance screen.
  4. MrResetti

    TBM 900 doesnt work anymore

    This one? Thank you so much for your patience and help, it's very kind
  5. MrResetti

    TBM 900 doesnt work anymore

    This is what I'm seeing when I choose 'change aircraft registration': see the white area on top? I think something is wrong here.
  6. MrResetti

    TBM 900 doesnt work anymore

    I go to the menu on the left. Choose the upper tab 'Airframe manager. Then all I see is 'Payload & Balance' with the plane image and all the other stuff (GPU, fuel, etc.). Nowhere can I see create new text.... I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I'm not a computer idiot or anything but I just can't see it.
  7. MrResetti

    TBM 900 doesnt work anymore

    I don't want to sound stupid, but I honestly cannot find it...can you please provide a screenshot for assistance?
  8. Hello all, I just bought the TBM 900 and was able to take off with it once after the tutorial. After landing it a bit too hard and reversing with the engine cut off, I read on the forums that I probably broke the plane. The throttle doesnt respond anymore, I can't move it at all. Now people are saying you can go to airframe manager and choose a new airframe. But I don't know where to look, there are no button to press or anything. Also, the maintenance manager is greyed out and I can't select it. And when I go to plugins/tbm/change aircraft registration number, I get a glitched out white area in the top of my screen. Can someone please help me out here? € 65 is a lot of money and I really want to learn and enjoy this fine aircraft.