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  1. Digital Replica

    Cessna 310L v1.1.0a Update Released!

    Yes, it is something that I want to do, and a lot of people has requested it.
  2. Digital Replica

    Altitude hold issue on autopilot

    Before engaging the autopilot, you must trim the aircraft in such way that if you take off the hands from the joystick, it more or less stays in level flight and with a constant airspeed. After that, you can apply the autopilot altitude hold. Is that what you are doing? Center the trim wheel is a different thing form trimming the aircraft.
  3. Digital Replica

    Altitude hold issue on autopilot

    Does both of the trim lights on the autopilot stay off while the aircraft is doing this?
  4. Digital Replica

    Cessna 310L v1.1.0a Update Released!

    Thanks!... On the autopilot matter, in the real world, the Navomatic400 Autopilot does no couple with the autopilot, it only works with NAV1 of NAV2 radios. The GPS autopilot coupled feature was introduced because of user requests. So I´ll guess the answer is that it is only able to follow NAV1/NAV2 radios.
  5. Digital Replica

    Paint Kit - Digital Replica C310L

    Just turn off the ice objects on planemaker.
  6. Digital Replica

    Fuel gauges

    Cessna 310L.rar
  7. Digital Replica

    Cessna 310L v1.1.0 Update Released!

    On the GTN 750, I asked but, haven't had an answer from the developers. I do want to integrate it.
  8. Digital Replica

    Cessna 310L v1.1.0 Update Released!

    For now, just override these three object files attached. This will fix the fuel gauge issue, the librain issue that tADEUS73 comment above and the ingress/egress from the aircraft issue on cockpit view. The other issues will be addressed. Sorry for the inconveniences. Cessna 310L.rar
  9. Digital Replica

    Autopilot and ILS Back-course

    It seems you are entering the "cone of confusion" near the VOR station. The Navomatic 400, you'll need to pull out the PULL-TURN knob so as to maintain level flight until you are out of that zone. https://www.pilotscafe.com/vor-cone-confusion/ And yes, you need to select the OMNI bearing selector for the navigation radio to the desiered bearing (either TO or FROM), just like an ILS. I have two operation guides, one for the Navomatic 300 and other for the Navomatic 400 and both state the same thing. Regards.
  10. Digital Replica

    Cessna 310L v1.0.9 Update Released!

    GPS is now accurate to the Navomatic 400 capabilities, the downside of that is that it no longer follows GPS. But it does intercept and track VOR stations. Be sure you have correctly selected front or back aspect and NAV1 or NAV2 source. Then set the autopilot to OMNI, and then, you'll need to be +/- 45 degrees from the radial you are trying to intercept. On the AP pitch: The effect gets increased if you are using the headshake plugin. It depends on the speed and weight of the aircraft. But in reality, it shouldn't do that. It needs some tweaking of the code from my part. It will be corrected On the cowl flaps, I´ve done some testing and you are right. It will be corrected. Thanks.
  11. Digital Replica

    Librain support

    Thanks, Dionsol! I took notice of some of your proposals. Also, I fixed the "R ALT" label missing.
  12. Digital Replica

    Cessna 310L v1.0.9 Update Released!

    - Cowl flaps do affect CHT and oil temperatures. I will take a look anyway. - Icing is being done. - Oxygen system on the roadmap. - Plug fouling added on the wishlist. Thanks.
  13. Digital Replica

    Altitude UP/DOWN

    Maybe is because the aircraft gains speed while descending and the autopilot gets overpowered. In that case, you need to trim down the aircraft or throttle back a little... See if while the aircraft stops descending, one of the autopilot trim lights turns on.
  14. Digital Replica

    Left Engine Starting Problems

    puffmtd, I wasn't aware that the problem persisted with the new version. I´ll do my best to figure it out. aledero, can you send me a log file please.
  15. Digital Replica

    Left Engine Starting Problems

    Are you running the latest version?