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  1. Digital Replica

    Cessna 310L v1.0.8 Update Released!

    Green reflection (side windows) can´t be turned on yet. But I will add it in the next update.
  2. Digital Replica

    Gauges reflections

    Yes, I am far from satisfied with the current reflection, but the way that X-Plane manages the glass material doesn't give me a lot of options. Still haven't been able to work around that. But as it is now, is not a definitive solution. Regards!
  3. Digital Replica

    Cessna 310L v1.0.8 Update Released!

    Here is a screenshot showing the main new features which are the autopilot popup and the GPS configuration options.
  4. Digital Replica

    Bug Report

    1 & 2 - You are right. Today I fixed the needle behavior and I also implemented the gain needle which indicates when a signal is tuned. Thank you!
  5. Digital Replica

    Loading Weight and Fuel Pop Up Not Activating

    I'll get into it and see what I can do. In the meantime, you can access the popups by using the "Toggle Load Chart Popup", "Toggle Performance Charts Popup" and "Toggle Checklist Popup" commands. You can find the inside Xplane => Settings/Keyboard/Cessna310L/popup from there configure to whatever key you want. I use F9, F10 and F11. Regards!
  6. Digital Replica

    Loading Weight and Fuel Pop Up Not Activating

    Maybe it had something to do with running xplane in window mode and then resizing the window. That is one thing that can make the popup disappear, in that case, you'll need to reset Gizmo. Glad it got fixed. Regards!
  7. Digital Replica

    Green Reflections in Side Windows

    This Cessna 310L version had side windows with green tinted plexiglass, that is why you have the green reflections.
  8. Digital Replica

    A few questions...

    Try using the mouse wheel for adjusting the autopilot pitch wheel, it will be a lot easier. In any case, I make the manipulator bigger so it is easier to find. The AP has VOR tracking and intercept. Set the middle switch to the "omni intercept" position, which acts typical NAV mode. In this mode, it will use the OBS of the selected NAV source for tracking or intercepting. If you click the "CDI" button in the Garmin 430, you will set it on GPS mode, which will couple the autopilot with the GPS. In RL it shouldn't be coupled with the autopilot in any way, but I haven't come around for a solution to this yet.
  9. Digital Replica

    Bug Report

    I just look into it and found a little error which makes the aircraft 20 to 25% more pitch sensitive than it should. It has been corrected for the next update. Thanks. Thanks for the feedback. It has been fixed. It will be working correctly on the next update.
  10. Digital Replica

    A few questions...

    "But I have a couple of small issues, for one the menu that is supposed to pop up in the lower left corner only shows when I minimize XP to a small window, and then only 2 (of 3?) entries are visible, "performance" and "checklist". Are there other ways to activate/display the refueling page?" Currently, when you resize your XP window, it messes up the pop-up icons. You can try two things: 1) Try grabbing the icon from the top part where the "performance" word is written and moving it. 2) Reboot Gizmo64. "Secondly, where is the King 64 DME?" It is beneath the storm radar. " In RL I presume there's a physical detent that you can feel as you adjust the wheel?" That is correct, in RL there is physical detent. The pop-up and some sort centering system will be implemented. Regards
  11. Digital Replica

    Cessna 310 L System Specs

    Is hard to say because of the 5K resolution you are using. The aircraft will perform as any other aircraft with 4K resolution textures.
  12. Digital Replica

    Autopilot pop-up please

    I'll add it to a wish list that I have made. Right now I am focus on FMOD implementation, so I am putting my efforts on that area.
  13. Digital Replica

    Bug Report

    It is supposed to be on the off position at flight start. I will check on that.
  14. Digital Replica

    Bug Report

    The popup menu can be drag. Just click and hold it from the top. I need some time on the ADF one. And the "LEFT ENGINE" has been fixed. Thanks
  15. Digital Replica

    Bug Report

    1 - That is strange, mine works just fine. I've made some changes, so let's see if it is fixed in the upcoming update. 2 - Fixed. 3/6/7 - Fixed the symbol and changed the manipulation type. The none clicking sound, or clicking sound when clicking nowhere is X-plane's system default. I am working on the sound system, just don't want to announce or promise thing that are not ready. 4 - Fixed. 5 - That is an X-plane default, but I already is in my "to do" list. 8 - Fixed. 9 - Now it will be implemented like in default X-Plane aircraft. 10 - That is X-Plane system problem. I couldn't work something out to get around it. 5/11/12 - The Navomatic 400 manage the pitch angle with the vacuum artificial horizon. At the moment it is implemented with the default X-plane autopilot. Some where already in my "to do" list. Thanks!