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  1. TerraMaxx fails to operate

    A fresh install was successfully accomplished around the end of February/early March.
  2. TerraMaxx fails to operate

    I did not try from a second computer as I don't have a second machine and this one is top notch. The download speed is not the issue. As I tried to explain, the first component of three appears to download just fine ... then the download process freezes, waits a minute or so and begins the process with the first component again. As I may not have clearly indicated, I'm not "blaming" anyone. However, the manufacturer and distributor of the software should certainly be responsive regardless where the fault is. I've been dealing with this since March 25th. Two and a half weeks is a long time to "fight" a piece of software especially when I've never had a similar issue with any other software. Oh, wait, Windows 3.1 had issues but that's a long time and several computers ago. I'll take the refund and part friends. Heck, I may consider another software title from X-Aviation but certainly NOT until it's fully vetted. Captsalt.
  3. TerraMaxx fails to operate

    After waiting for TerraMaxx to download again, the program stopped at the same point. Cameron, As you have no idea what the issue is, I suggest we cease trying to get TerraMaxx to function on my computer. I'm using other products by X-Aviation an will continue to do so but this one is a bust for me. I do, however, request a refund for my purchase as the product does not work on my computer (for whatever reason). Will the refund be returned via the same source as charged? Don
  4. TerraMaxx fails to operate

    I use Windows Defender and, if you think necessary, I'll turn it off tis next time I try. ALL temp files have been deleted and I'll obtain a new D/L link and try again.
  5. TerraMaxx fails to operate

    The same thing exactly happened again. The D/L stopped after component 1. (See attached) . I'll delete all Windows temp files and give it a go again ... I can't believe there isn't a resume ability with a download this large.
  6. TerraMaxx fails to operate

    OK, I've moved SeasonsXP folder including the backup and changed the scenery_packs.ini file. I don't see any reference to TerraMaxx or SeasonsXP in the plugins.I do have other X-Aviation products installed that function well. May be this can be repaired/resolved. I'm attempting the download again ... will keep you posted. Thanks much for the help!
  7. TerraMaxx fails to operate

    No, the download process hangs at what appears to be after the 1st component. At this point, I want to get my X-Plane 11 back to where it was before this nightmare started. I don't know if my situation is unique or not. I'd sure like to get TerraMaxx working as it's a great concept but maybe not ready for "prime time". Like I said, maybe my situation is unique but I doubt it.
  8. TerraMaxx fails to operate

    I've attached a screen shot of the SeasonsXp backup folder contents. As indicated before, the contents has 14,902 files, 9 folders with a total size of 1.15 GB (1,238,392,832 bytes). Lewt me know if you need any other detail, Another question: Does the default X-Plane 11 have the SeasonsXP folder in some form? Even though TerraMaxx isn't currently installed, I get a notice every time I load an aircraft up in X-Pnae 11 that the scenery has loaded properly. Thanks, Don
  9. I have the X-Plane 11 Folder installed on my desktop.

    My C: drive has 665 GB free of 931 GB drive.The D: Drive has 514 GB free.

    Where to now?

    Thanks for the continued help

  10. TerraMaxx fails to operate

    I have the X-Plane 11 Folder installed on my desktop. My C: drive has 665 GB free of 931 GB drive.The D: Drive has 514 GB free. Where to now? Thanks for the continued help.
  11. TerraMaxx fails to operate

    The folder contains 14,902 files, 9 Folders. Size: 1.15 GB (1,243,750,862 bytes)
  12. TerraMaxx fails to operate

    This is a desktop and no to the Laptop. My download speeds are approximately 1000 kb/s (which should be sufficient). So ... how do I get a "clean install"? I did an uninstall prior to the last download. I did make a backup of the SeasonXP folder. How do I proceed?
  13. TerraMaxx fails to operate

    The D/L stopped as before. See Attached picture showing the stop point. After waiting, the D/L process restarted again at the beginning! How do I get it to continue? Can you direct me to the temp location where the files are stored and, if so, is the a refresh or continue download function? Please assist. Thanks.
  14. TerraMaxx fails to operate

    I did make a back folder of the one that failed. Interestingly enough, the only thing in the file is: #library/SeasonsXP/textures/24831 I'm waiting for the D/L to (hopefully) finish and will try a fresh install. Thanks again for the help!
  15. TerraMaxx fails to operate

    Thanks for the response, I'm D/L the file AGAIN and will let it wait. However, the last time I did that, the file initiated a new D/L and I was back to ground zero. My internet connection is "reasonable" with a current D/L speed showing as 1105 KB/s.