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  1. [Confirmed]FMS crash

  2. [Confirmed]FMS crash

    Well with VNAV off, its obviously very possible. I think all these bugs are coming from the VNAV. Mainly its descent planning.
  3. [Confirmed]FMS crash

    LuaGC is apart of gizmo I see. My frame rates seem to be a lot higher than usual. Is there a way to turn this off? I just don't need another application trying to alter x plane. I dunno. Is there a way to reset it so LuaGC isn't doing anything?
  4. [Confirmed]FMS crash

    I've tried to make a video where it crashes, just flew back to tampa. I changed the approach, star, you name it probably ten times each. I wasn't using VNAV. The problem never occurred. Is this crash stemmed from VNAV? If it is, I just won't use it on descent.
  5. [Confirmed]FMS crash

    This video shows another issue. If I fly from one place to another like I did. And don't reset the plane. Just setup a new flight plan. When engaging VNAV it will not obey 250 knots below 10,000 feet. And goes straight for the mach .72 climb, which is like 400 knots at 11,000 feet. It won't climb either.
  6. [Confirmed]FMS crash

    I'm still flyin.... gjuess I'll have to do a full trip to make it happen. I will post it. only have 1000 lbs of fuel remaining now.
  7. [Confirmed]FMS crash

    in the text file "Version" it says 11. Is that the latest version? Do I need a hotfix?
  8. [Confirmed]FMS crash

    I've switched it up. But I'm on an approach now with VNAV running, I'll see if I can make it hiccup. I'll record with OBS. I'm sure I can get it to happen. Who knows though,. take your car to the shop to replicate a problem and then it goes away. lol
  9. [Confirmed]FMS crash

    I mean rebooting the gizmo isn't the end of the world. seems as long as I load in ready to fly, everything goes back to how it was. Not that big of a deal.
  10. [Confirmed]FMS crash

    GizmoLog.txt IXEG_FMS_debug.txt
  11. VNAV Descent issues

    here is the gizmolog. GizmoLog.txt
  12. VNAV Descent issues

    I just posted an FMC crash. I have a screen shot. And an FMC log file. I don't mind if I have to descend manually. But the FMS is crashing almost every time I make approach changes on the fly. IXEG_FMS_debug.txt
  13. [Confirmed]FMS crash

    I'll have to change a runway due to wind. Or add a transition to a STAR. Today I've confirmed it. Flying into KATL from KTPA. I went to change to a runway closer to the terminal and bam, console crash. I've had the plane for 3 days and I'm really not happy, sorry. Here is an image of what happens. And the FMS basically becomes unuseable. I'm not sure what files you need, debug 1 and 2 don't seem to be the flight I was on. But the FMS debug and the screen shot show it. Also if you look at the FMS for KATL, it says there are 7 pages. None of which I can access. What if I needed to reroute? IXEG_debug_01.txt IXEG_debug_02.txt IXEG_FMS_debug.txt
  14. Gizmo

    Does the latest version of gizmo come with v 1.21?
  15. VNAV Descent issues

    does changing the flight plan into the star mess up the fmc?