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  1. Thank you for your reply Litjan i thought i had this narrowed down to XSquawkBox i removed the folder from the plugins folder and the mouse clicks worked fine . i just updated to 11.20vr3 and replaced XSquawkBox and the mouse clicks do work ok to start with then i lose the grabby hand pointer but the click spots still work so i will be grateful for that and fly. Thanks for the help Tim
  2. Hi I think i must be accidentally hitting a key or something because twice now as i have been taxiing out with the 737 & the mouse stops responding to click spots i cant move or click anything in the cockpit so i have to logoff free view work fine but its the end of the flight. is anyone getting the same issue or know how to stop this happening. win 7 pro , x plane 11.20 ixeg 737 navigraph charts matt's project fly and XSquawkBox that's about it Thanks for any help Tim