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  1. unclebear

    Anti-Ice Switches

    Not sure why but for a while the whole ai system was down but all seems fine now. I would guess that the fault is with me though.
  2. unclebear

    Anti-Ice Switches

    Hi I am in the process of wiring up a FWD Overhead panel. I have most of the other toggle switches working but I am having problems with anti-ice. I have used datarefeditor to find the datarefs and have connected them to ArdSimX but the just do not work. Here is the code that I am using: D21- ixeg/733/antiice/ai_eng1_act 0 1 D21+ ixeg/733/antiice/ai_eng1_act 1 1 D20- ixeg/733/antiice/ai_eng2_act 0 1 D20+ ixeg/733/antiice/ai_eng2_act 1 1 Should these switches actually work or are they just cosmetic?