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    ECS? What is that?

    Thaaaanks. So, basically, is almost always on? And is ON just having the A/C ON? I mean that by default is going to be ON. Right? Thanks again.
  2. Mdiaz380

    ECS? What is that?

    Hi I am flying for a while this fantastic plane, the SAAB 340A. Now I want to go to more realistic procedures, and I have a doubt: I see on performance charts that some of them depends on having ECS ON or OFF, but I don’t know what is this and how I can switch it ON or OFF. (I just know that is the acroym for Environmental Control System) Thanks for your help.
  3. Mdiaz380

    Saab 340 commands

    Thanks, I also tried that, but it doesn't work. I get the same message from FWL saying that commane doesn't exist. Later on the day I will copy the exact command I am using. Thanks for the help
  4. Mdiaz380

    Saab 340 commands

    Hi, I am starting to program with Flywithlua some switches. I started with some lights toggle commands and works perfect. But I haven’t been able to toggle Prop_sync. I found some commands on the .obj file, and I found the one for toggle prop sync, but Flywithlua gives an error saying that that command doesn’t exist. Where can I find the “official” comands for the Saab 340? thanks in advance
  5. Mdiaz380

    How to change zoom for checklist views

    OK, it is not a big issue. Thanks a lot for this fantastic plane. I'm in love with it!!
  6. Mdiaz380

    How to change zoom for checklist views

    Thanks Goran, I already checked those 2 options, but the don`t worl: 1) Mouse wheel: it only zoom in, no zoom out from the view I get when I click the VIEW button 2) The FOV slider: I only see it on the CAMERAS screen. In any case it only change one screen FOV, and I have 3 monitors with the 3 FOV defined and matched. Thanks
  7. Hi, I just recently bought this aircraft, and it is great!! But I have some issue: I am using 3 monitors, and when I use the checklist, and press any view button, it moves tonthe right place but with a big zoom, so sometimes I can not see the expected buttons/dials and I have to zoom out with the mouse. Is there any way I can adjust a default zoom for these checklist views? thanks, and congratulatios for the plane.