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    Autopilot stopped working in 11.10r1

    Hey Goran! Thanks for the reply! Sorry, I missed your post on the Facebook Group. Its okay though, it's my bad, I knew the risks when updating to the release candidate! It's still an awesome plane and Its good to hear that you will be working on a fix for it after 11.10 is released. Keep up the good work!
  2. Hey, I know this plane is not officially designed for X-Plane 11 yet, however, I know a lot of people who have purchased the plane as it works perfectly in X-Plane 11. That was until yesterday, the release of 11.10R1 which is a release candidate has stopped the Autopilot from functioning, you can engage the autopilot and the flight director will guide you to the correct autopilot path, but the plane does not follow any autopilot instructions. The plane works fine in the old Stable Version of X-Plane at the moment 11.05. I'm pretty sure its broken when the flight dynamics were changed in B5 - B7 time. Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up about this! It's an awesome little plane, its a shame soon it will not be useable anymore in X-Plane 11. Unless you just don't update X-Plane 11