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  1. Version 1.5

    Last time i tried, autopilot didnt seem to work anymore.
  2. G530 sids and stars

    I was actually assuming the GPS unit would be developed/extended as well instead just using the default one. I found simplefmc to be a very good freeware tool for inputting navigational information for LRN with support of airways, sids and stars. Much closer to a functioning rnav unit then that usless and incompatent supposed representation by the default one. Simply looking at it as half way to a UNS1k unit on the pedestal, with the gps screen as an MFD.
  3. G530 sids and stars

    The simulation of the gps unit is axtremely limited. Am i the only one not able to enter any sids,or stars? Also i cant cycle to any of the approach segment waypoints on vnav page.
  4. G530 sids and stars

    Well too bad there was not a single post that put it clearly enough. Is there no way to modify it in XP10? What do other XP10 users use for rnav navigation?
  5. G530 sids and stars

    Thats the problem. I only have approach related prompts on the proc page. And looking at xplane10/resources/GNS430/navdata i already have many sids stars included in .txt files. But they dont show up in the sim.
  6. As a sole FSX user, icoudlnt find much information regarding controll settings for this addon: -With the majestic q400 it was possible to set any detent position at a specific physical hardware posiiton. So flight idle detent could be set at lowest physical throttle range (reverse still possible using throttle decrease key F2). Do you offer a similar way of handling axis setting? -Using offsets it was possible to define buttons to control range (such as pitch trim). Will it be doable to use a key for increasing/decreasing CL position within a set range? -Lua scripts and mouse macros allowed for multiple actions within the VC to take place using single key press. So one could press "6" for taxi light off, landing light on and strobe on, or pressing "d" to toggle the gustlock. Is it also possible with your product and xplane using datarefs? Can one save panel states similar to pmdg with default state at startup? Also -On many video the aircraft seems to oscillate pitching up and down when taxiing. Is it intended? -Which line model (airline/registration) was used as a reference when it was decided to incorporate a single 530 as sole rnav source? Thanks in advance
  7. Questions from a potential customer

    DO you happen to have the dataref for external power cart connection? Trying to set it automatically without having to check the menu every time loading the sim.
  8. G530 2d panel

    Why are the inner and outer knobs not working using mouse wheel as in the 3d cockpit? Also i couldnt find any reference to 2d pop up action for key assignment.
  9. QNH on left side

    How can i replace the left side Altimeter with the dual kollman as on the copilots side?
  10. XP10 vs 11

    By stock aircraft i meant the default cessna/kingair whatever comes with the sim. Unless you have your own custom ground handling modeled.
  11. XP10 vs 11

    Would you recommend purchasing 10 or 11? Obviously it depends on unofficial performance, and how long it takes for the release of supported version (months,years)?
  12. XP10 vs 11

    How severe is the ground handling? I tired both demo versions with stock models, and while in XP11 aircrafts do turn immediately towards the wind with engines off, take off in XP10 was pretty much impossible as well. Instead of better rudder authority as you speed up, it very rapidly become twitchy and completely uncontrollable until it starts turning around while skating along the runway.
  13. Questions from a potential customer

    So for example wndshld heat, stdby pitot, autocoarsen, HP bleed switches are all utilizing default xplane assignments? What about the throttle lua i posted above? Thank you for all your great support.
  14. Questions from a potential customer

    Is there a published dataref of what your using for tiller assignment, gust lock position, CL position and overhead switches?
  15. Questions from a potential customer

    For the throttle, i couldnt find much about flywithlua, but assuming reverse range occupies 20% of throttle range, and dataref goes from 0 to 1 could something like this work? dataref ( "throttle", "sim/cockpit2/engine/actuators/throttle_ratio_all", "writable" ) do_every_frame ( [[ throttle=throttle*0.8 + 0.2 ]] )
  16. Panning in VC

    Its much harder zooming and panning at the same time. And panning is usually during AP operation anyway. But is there a way to make the panning movement appear smoother instead of abrupt?
  17. Panning in VC

    With FSX one can easily look around using the mouse and spacebar with smooth angular and zoom movements. In xplane i only managed to look around by dragging the mouse which is inconvenient by itself with the need to also zoom at the same time, but movement is sharp and abrupt. Is there a way to view around like in FSX?
  18. Questions from a potential customer

    Thank you for clarification. I did write Rnav. Obviously traditional navigation is still applicable using dual nav/adf recievers. Im interested to know whether its possible to program a single key press for example to bring down the gust lock and simultaneously turn off both bleeds, or another keypress for switching different external lights when approaching the runway. Also whether full physical throttle range can extend only from idle detent to max for better sensitivity. And lastly for those with a single throttle axis, assigning a key which, when held, increases/decreases CL position at a constant rate until it reaches MAX/MIN respectively where further movement is locked. I could achieve these using fsuipc, however i coudlnt find information regarding any datarefs/commands introduced with your addon.