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    Problems with MU-2 v1.8 on xp11

    similar experience. blast-off on taxiway. running reverse at 105% torque to hold taxi speed. emptying right tip tank leaving left alone. autopilot issues - seems pitch knob might not be working - although i was flying at night and couldn't really see the knob. cursor changed to grab, but no effect. sometimes the engine didn't go into beta range so i couldn't reverse. kind of a wild flight with a really slippery aircraft. however, there's something about this plane that's just plain fun. i've never flown an MU2 (or any turbo for that matter). I just remember that when it first came out, the unique characteristic was that it didn't have ailerons. just spoilers so it rolled about the wingtips, not the longitudinal axis. just for fun, i've attached the logs. i have this feeling that this is a great aircraft. XP 11.1? I have 11.05r2. that's all the installer allows - except for betas. i'm too chicken for betas. i spend my day writing software. i want the night off. Cycle_Dump_MU2B_171112.txt GizmoLog_171112.txt Log_MU2B_171112.txt