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  1. LarGer

    Problems with MU-2 v1.8 on xp11

    I second this.
  2. LarGer

    Right Engine won't start

    I got it started. I use a CH Throttle Quadrant with the axes set for L/R Throttle, L/R Prop and L/R Mixture in that order. My Prop levers actuate what your POH calls Condition levers so I didn't move my Mixture levers off minimum. Since the left engine started, I didn't see this as a problem. I decided to try starting with my Mixture levers full forward and it worked. I looked at datarefs and found that sim/flightmodel2/engines/has_fuel_flow_after_mixture has values of 1,1 when my mixture levers are slightly forward and both fuel valves are open. When I move one full back or close the same engine fuel valve the appropriate value goes to zero. I don't know if that means anything or not.
  3. LarGer

    Right Engine won't start

    Is it safe to assume then that this means you have no fix?
  4. LarGer

    Right Engine won't start

    Fuel flow immediately drops to 0 and the engine dies when I start the sim with engines running.
  5. LarGer

    Right Engine won't start

    I see a small blip on right fuel flow during start then drops to zero.
  6. LarGer

    Right Engine won't start

    All I see is what's associated with the left engine, when I've started that one first.
  7. LarGer

    Right Engine won't start

    Yes. develops about 25% RPM But will not "ignite"
  8. As the title says the right engine will not start. I have version 1.8 of the aircraft on X-Plane 11.05r2. I've tried reinstalling it, removing all my plugins, and starting it first and second. Nothing I've done worked. The left engine starts the right one does not. I follow the checklist provided in the MU2 Pilot Handbook.