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    Locked the wrong machine

    @Ben Thanks for your reply on aloneintheskies ben. My initial post is still not answered though... My post is not about a dillema but about a fact. Can you please take a look at the initial post of this thread and help me out ?
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    Locked the wrong machine

    Is this thing on ???
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    Locked the wrong machine

    @Cameron Goodmoring, I hate to admit in public that I've been stupid.....but I've been stupid The problem is this, I have 2 computers at home, an old one that I really don't use anymore and a new one especially build with flightsimming in mind. I've installed X-aviation products on both machines and so far everything went well. In the meantime I bought a laptop and was wondering how xplane 11 and the TBM900 would perform on this laptop, it didn't of course but that aside. While installing on the laptop I got a pop-up saying I had to freeze one other computer ID. And there I did go wrong, I've accidentally locked the new computer instead of the old one..... stupid I know! Fact is now that I'm stuck with a well performing pc but without acces to my X-aviation products. I know it's my fault and I know I should have paid better attention, but nonetheless I wanna ask you if you can please help me out here. I've filed 2 support tickets: #39AIF and #LZFET Hope you can help me sort this issue Thanks in advance Derek