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    ILS EHSI shows wrong data

    ok false alarm, i think it was just a corner case and i cant reproduce it anymore .. Its difficult to explain what i meant before so sorry for all the confusion. I am aware that both, captains and fo's EHSI are showing completely different things. I just thought this will help to explain it better. Let me try to explain it different ... on the first screenshot you see 180 COURSE, when i tune the dial manually to 228 i would expect to see what i can see on the second screenshot's captains EHSI, but the screen did not change and the "course needle" is not moving. After using the map tune method it actually changed and looked like in screenshot 2. Basically the issue was, that -during ILS/VOR mode- if i changed the COURSE dial, the needle was not moving "in real time" at all. Now i did 4 landings and was not able to reproduce it and all works fine. I will monitor this on some longer hops and let you know ... Hope i was able to explain it better now. BTW... Jan, IXEG Team ... i really love this AC, good job ... **UPDATE** Ok forget about the text, i did a quick video ... So this "needle movement" did not work for some few approaches that were done in IVAO after >1 hour hops. Walkaround was to use the "map tune" method.
  2. discordia

    ILS EHSI shows wrong data

    thank you for the quick answer mmerelles, yes, you are absolutely right on the MCP configuration. When doing my approach i usually set COURSE and HDG to what is written in the FMC's APPOACH REF Page (also for FO). But indeed, at the point i took the first screenshot its wrongly set to 180, on the second screenshot it is then correctly on 228 (apparently because of clicking "Tune NAV 1/2" from inside xplanes default map). I think the real issue i was seeing in some flights was, when i first switch CPT EHSI to VOR/ILS Mode, and afterwards set the MCP, that then then EHSI does not update and still shows the course that was set on the MCP before i initially switched to ILS/VOR Mode. Currently i am not at home, i will re-try later and give more emphasize on this, maybe i do it unconsciously at different timings, thus why it does not happen always.
  3. discordia

    ILS EHSI shows wrong data

    greetings everybody! I will post my question here as i really cant imagine that i have found a bug which is not known already. On the other hand, i also was not able to find this to be described somewhere else. Maybe i just do something wrong all the time? Occasionally i get a strange issue when doing an approach with the IXEG. Please look at both EHIS on the first screenshot. Looking at the FO's EHIS and comparing it with the one from the pilots side, you can clearly see how they completely mismatch. I can only fix that by clicking "Tune NAV 1/2" from inside xplanes default map after selecting the desired runway. As you can see on the second screenshot it looks fine again after doing so. This is not happening always, but it happened enough times now that i need to always double-check.