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  1. Version 1.5

  2. Version 1.5

  3. Version 1.5

    Hi Matthias. You are right for yourself of course, since you bought it for xp 10. Speaking for myself, as I mentioned earlier, I bought it only after seeing the development road map for version 1.5 and 2.0 and having been promised full xp 11 compatibility. They would not be obliged to provide any update, had they not advertised upcoming updates. Regards Vassilis
  4. Version 1.5

    Dear Goran. It was not my intention to be unfriendly. If I was, it occurred in response to people being ironic, sarcastic, and unfriendly first. In any case we are in a business relation with x-aviation, not a social one and I am asking for no favors. I just want to receive what I paid for ASAP, and in any case I will not tolerate being talked down because of my legitimate request . I appreciate your explanation on how things work between you and your associates but, again, it is not for me to tell anyone how to run their business, that's why I don't care to find out the details. Thank you for your excellent product, and I'm looking forward for the update that will make it usable again (if your associates stop making incomprehensible excuses, talking down on clients and, finally, start behaving as professionals). Sincerely Vassilis
  5. Version 1.5

    No comment...
  6. Version 1.5

    Hi Ben. Since you were kind enough to reply to me, please bare with a few of my thoughts, not necessarily all of them about your above post : 1. This is a topic for the LES Saab 340 A, not for the IXEG. Since I don't own it, I really don't care about it. 2. Excuse me for not being familiar with either the employees (you are a paid employee I suppose?) or the internal business procedures of X-aviation. Frankly (being just a paying customer) I don't care about it. If you need advise on how to run your business, I am not a business consultant and, had I been, I would charge you for advise. Based on your statement that you are the sole author for Gizmo, I can only suggest that you ask your boss to hire more people to help you. 3. I am really, truly and genuinely sorry for the difficulties in your personal life but, based on my previous paragraph, I find them to be a little bit irrelevant in this post and forum, don't you think? 4. I bought your product, based on what your business has announced, namely that there was going to be an update to version 1.5, fully compatible with xplane 11. Moreover LES announced that it is ready since before Christmas. I bought it in good faith, patiently waited until now for the update, having bought a malfunctioning and -literally- unusable product. Excuse me for daring to ask when will I receive what I paid for. 5. During this period, I have seen comments about X-aviation having internal functionality problems, (some employee named Cameron having issues with another employee named Goran, difficulties programming installers, Gizmo creating bugs and so on), that I REALLY DON'T CARE ABOUT. The money I spent for your product, was surely not dysfunctional and nobody asked me how I earned it. It seems to me that you don't value my business. 6. The fact that flight simulation is a hobby for me, is no excuse for developers to not value my business. It may be a hobby for me but for professional developers is a living and they should see it as such. 7. Finally, from what I have seen in this and other posts, it seems to me that your company does not accept criticism from your clients. Again I am not a business consultant, but in my experience in the capitalist word we live in, this is bad practice for a business. Please excuse my long post, but as you can obviously see, up to now I have used maybe less than 15 in my previous posts (why do I have the feeling that I have to excuse myself for everything I say here?...)
  7. Version 1.5

    Well it' s the middle of February (almost) now...
  8. Version 1.5

    For me everything works fine but as soon as I land, the engines shut down by themselves in the runway.
  9. Key and Joystick commands not visible.

    Hi, thanks for the answer. Just wanted to know if I am the only one with this problem. Yes I have been using the hover over technique. I will wait for V2 of course, since I am a big fun of the Saab. Thanks again. Vassilis
  10. Key and Joystick commands not visible.

  11. Key and Joystick commands not visible.

    Hmmm...no ideas?
  12. Key and Joystick commands not visible.

    Hi! I can't see the key and joystick commands in xplane settings, as you can see in the attache photo. Any ideas?
  13. Version 1.5

    I just read the news in your facebook page, great! Biting my nails, love this plane! Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
  14. Version 1.5

    Any news? Is Santa bringing 1.5?